Lisa M.


There comes into everyone’s life - when they least expect it, a being that completely and utterly transforms their world.  I met Brian, I like to say we collided, at a transition point for both of us.  Although we each independently knew we were in a place of new beginnings how could we possibly have known that of the other?  Our collision is etched in my mind.  Drawn together by an energy I’ve never known before we immediately connected - no nerves, no hesitations - just a knowing that this person was about to be important to my life.  

Brian has helped me to realize many things - things which I had buried deep, deep inside, has assisted me in realizing some of the greatest discoveries about myself, my relationships and my ability to make monumental shifts in how I think and feel.  He’s listened to me, watched me cry, held my hand when I needed him to and unconditionally spoke some truths I needed to hear.  

He coaches with the biggest and bravest heart, kind and gentle when necessary, fierce and questioning when he senses that’s what is needed.  He guides and leads to other sources of potential enlightenment or perspective and isn’t afraid to say he doesn’t have all the answers.  He seeks opportunities to make a difference, even in the smallest of ways - to anyone he encounters.  He is the real deal.  Genuine, authentic and growing through this journey.  He speaks from his heart and from his experiences, without fear.

I believe that anyone who is stuck, feeling like life isn’t what they expected - anyone who just knows that there is something so much greater for them …but can’t seem to find it - make the leap and reach out to thekindfulnesscoach.  It might be the greatest step onto the next part of your path you will ever take.


Jey K.


I started working with Brian at a difficult time in my life. I was going through a breakup, and was still undecided in where I was going professionally. After working with Brian, I had a clear vision of the direction I wanted to take my life, as well as gaining a better understanding of myself and my emotions. 

Brian has a keen sense of the questions to ask to get me thinking deeper. He works without judgement, and above all, has incredible patience. Whether the topic is relationships, family, career or otherwise, Brian brings a fresh perspective to get the mindset in a positive, effective place. I would not think twice about recommending Brian and his invaluable services to anyone who wants a gentle, loving guide in their journey. 


Skye H.


I wanted to thank you again for (your kindness:) taking the time to help a complete stranger (who must of looked freaked out) create the heart/mind coherence necessary for a successful initiation. You will always have a special place in my heart. I had been terrified of heights most of my life.

 You provided the tools (breath-work concentrating and breathing into my thumb over my belly button) which gave me something important to focus on instead of my racing out of control "fear-based" thoughts. For that I will always be grateful. 

I walked out to the top of the skyscraper, enjoyed the gorgeous view of the bay, the sailboats and the beautiful clouds in the sky. Then said to myself as I watched an eighty year-young woman step over the edge, "if she can do it there is no excuse!" "Remember what Brian said, just concentrate on your breath". "You got this". And so it was.

I love your generosity, I love your kindness, and I love your spirit! I believe we met for a reason. I would love to help support your life's work.

My intention is to help raise the consciousness of humanity. I'm a transformation specialist, energy healer and hypnotherapist. I plan to create fun-filled NC beach retreats connecting emerging new-thought leaders with people interested in personal transformation. It's in the infancy stage. Lot's to do...including a new website. I envision having coaches (like you) and healers at the events.

In love and freedom,